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25 yo student, eco-activist, Top Writer in Creativity. I write about forging mind and body into something enjoyable. Productivity | Mindfulness | Motivation
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Let’s face it. Sometimes life is just terribly difficult! Unless you were one of the lucky few that experienced life from start to finish relatively unscathed, there are times when it is difficult to push the wheelbarrow of our lives uphill. Especially pandemic times.

Are you alright? Really? Because it is okay not to feel alright. The ongoing stress, fear, grief, and uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic can wear anyone down. It’s perfectly fine if you feel lost, lonely, depressed. According to the situation in the world, I would say that feeling alright is surprising at least.

Feeling down…

That’s me.

Hello! I’m Oskar, 25 yo life enthusiast from Poland.

A few years ago I used to drink a lot, spending most of my time in front of the TV and an Xbox, or watching Netflix. I was eating at night, a lot of sweets, drink a lot of coke, eat fast-foods almost every day. I put on weight a lot.

But then something changed. I watched a few videos of Ali Abdaal — doctor & YouTuber based in the UK — and it changed me. I quitted almost everything: drinking, eating trash, smoking, watching Netflix. I started to practice every…

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Type no. #1
If your account is not fake, you have a problem.

There are two types of people on the Internet. Real ones, and fake ones. Okay so, you are real when you use your name, your picture, have real followers. Fake is the opposite. Fake name, fake picture, fake followers.

Every conversation on controversial topics puts you in a worse position. …

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Emotions are a big part of my life. Ever since I was a kid it was hard for me to control them. I don’t mean bad ones only. I’m a sensible person. It’s easy for me to feel moved when watching movies, or listening to music that reminds me of something I feel emotional about.

But there are some bad ones to deal with too. Like anger, somewhere deep down. I can feel it sometimes and it costs me a lot to keep it there. I can become angry by something so stupid like a video game, or when my…

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Every year students face the inevitable. Back to school means we meet our friends and teachers again, but also it means that we need to prepare. New notebooks, pens, highlighters, tapes, pencils are only a few basic accessories we will need in class.

Basic rule — use things that you already own. There is nothing more pro-ecological than limiting consumerism. Buy at local shops to reduce carbon footprint and avoid plastic packages at all costs.

  1. Paper.

Use notebooks you already have, even if they are half full! Use notebooks made from recycled paper. …

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It doesn’t count what school you attend. Every student needs to fight with procrastination. Here are some apps and extensions that will help you increase your focus, boost your creativity, and make you more productive by saving time you waste.

→ Momentum

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Ever since I was interested in minimalism and zero-waste I decided to stop brainless consuming. From there I watched every product I was going to buy, thinking about its influence on the environment.

If there is any way to replace a product packed in plastic or stop using it I do it. Avoiding plastic is the main reason why I changed almost every product around me.

1. Disposable razors and shaving foam/shaving gel
→ Reusable razor + bar soap

2. Shower gel and shampoo
→ Shampoo in bar and bar soap (packed in the paper)

3. Earbuds
→ I’m washing…

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Starting college, or university may be the biggest challenge in your life so far. No matter if you are an introvert, extravert, or mixed person. New place, new faces, new responsibilities. It’s understandable if you feel a little apprehensive. The challenge can be bigger for introverts, but this article will help you survive.

I assume you imagine college campuses as a nightmare, even during the pandemic. A lot of people everywhere, loud voices, whatever you have to do you need to interact with people. …

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What is Zero Waste? It’s a lifestyle. We try to generate as little waste as possible, and thus not to pollute the environment. It is an ethical, economic, and visionary goal that helps people to emulate a sustainable natural cycle in which all discarded materials are to become a resource.

Don’t buy things if you don’t need them. Even if they trendy

When we hit the road — to the work, college, vacation — we need equipment we can trust, a nice one so we like it, and why not also ‘eco-friendly’? …

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We don’t speak much. We are a kind of listeners, thinkers, not talkers. If we have to talk, fine, we’ll get it done in a moment and be back to our comfort zone.

When we enter a new group of people, a group we know we will spend a lot of time with, like new workmates or fellow students, we feel fear. Not paralyzing fear like in social anxiety, we just know it’s there, somewhere deep. With all the judgemental attitude around we are afraid if we gonna match. Thinking about acceptance, analyzing our new position. ‘’Will they like me…

Oskar Tokarski

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